‘1 photo can bring back 1000 memories’

Alright folks,

I love present giving and the concept of it, but I find extreme pleasure in actually making and customising them myself. Last week was my friend James’s birthday and I knew just the present for him!

The story behind the gift…

I remember as kids we lived about 5 houses apart but being from different schools we didn’t even know each other’s name. We first properly met when we moved into secondary school and then by coincidence, same tutor, same classes, same friendship group. That’s where it began!

When I got my Sony Ericsson camera phone, I was hooked to capturing our memories. Back then, a lot of mates used to get annoyed and mock me for taking so many photos. Now though, my memory stick is the only physical proof of all the things we used to get up to in our teenage years. The pictures and videos always put a smile on my face when flicking through them – The good old days eh!

The gift…

For James’s birthday, I decided to print out 16 polaroids of our childhood using my Instax Share printer. It took a bit of head scratching to settle with the final ones but I’m sure I made the right choice!


After I printed the final 16 out, I bound them in some twine with a made.by.al wooden tag. I also went that little bit further and supplied him with enough 25mm pegs for two on each polaroid and enough twine to hang them from, also pre-looped either side. I made sure everything was supplied and pre-done so that he was only left with the decision of where to display them.



I used a wooden veneer to wrap and twine around and to clip the pegs onto it neatly. I  finished it if with a string bound envelope from Flying Tiger Copenhagen to house his present and birthday card.

For me it is not about how much you spend on someone but the thought and effort that goes into it. I love going the extra mile to ensure my gifts are presented perfectly and tailored to suit each individual. I love the feeling of purchasing something with the most amazing packaging and presentation, I want to spread that feeling!

Cost breakdown:

Envelope: £1 from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Pegs: £2.99 from an eBay supplier.

Twine: I have a ridiculous amount in my crafts supply!

Polaroids: £14.99 for a set of 20 films from Currys PC World.

Total cost: Priceless.

Happy birthday James.





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