Alright folks,

Welcome back to another made.by.al project post! I have had lots of small teak offcuts lying around and have been trying to find a way of using them. I stumbled across a photo on Pinterest of someone who made their own little pallet coasters and I thought that this would be a nice practical project.

The Coasters I saw were made out of softwood, but I have made mine out of teak. Teak is generally used as decking on boats as its extremely weatherproof, hardwearing and visually appealing. These factors make teak great for the use of coaster, especially as I am forever spilling my drink.

I have decided that I want mine to be 100mm x 100mm, with 5 slats on the top. So, lets hit the workshop…


Cutting List

3 @ 100mm (length) x 10mm (width) x 10mm (depth). These will be used as the base for the top slats to glue onto.

5 @ 100mm (length) x 14mm (width) x 5mm (depth). These will be the top slats for the cup to sit onto.

The cutting list above is the amount required to make one pallet coaster only. So make sure you multiply them to suit the amount of coasters you would like to make.


Tools and Equipment Required

Before starting any job, always ensure the you have everything you need prepared and ready to go. Learning from experience, theres nothing worse than starting a job and realising you’re un-equiped.

This is what I recommend to use for this project:



1 x Combination Square. This is for ensuring that the pallet is square during the glue up process,

4 x spring clamps. These will be used for clamping the slats together during the glue up. 4 clamps allow you to start the glue up of one pallet at a time, so if you want to get more on the go at once then I recommend you buy more. I used 8 spring clamps.

1 x wood glue. This is the adhesive we will be using for this project and I highly recommend the glue in the photo above. It is wood glue from the brand Gorilla Glue. It’s fantastic! The only downfall to this product is that it is more expensive than other brands on the market, I think I paid about £8 for a 236ml bottle but its completely worth it. I work with tools, chemicals and other products everyday and the thing that I have learnt is that you get what you pay for. Buy cheap, expect poor results.

1 x small cloth and small glass of water. These will be used to clean up any excess glue that squeezes out when the clamps are in use.


Build Process




  • Firstly, take of the 3 base slats and 2 of the 5 top slats,
  • Put a small dap of wood glue on both ends of the top slats,
  • Use the spring clamps to clamp the top slats on top of the bottom slats. Use the combination square to ensure that the coaster is gluing square like shown above. Clean up any excess glue that has squeezed out with the wet cloth.

Once this process has been completed, it is plain sailing from this point. Once the glue has gone off, you will have a nice solid square structure which makes gluing the last remaining slats easy.


  • Now you’re ready to glue last remaining bottom slat and one more top slat. Both have to be glued perfectly in the centre of the outer slats like shown above.
  • Finally, glue the last top slats evenly and that is it! Simple eh?

At this point you will have one complete coaster, so all you need to do is repeat the same process as many times as you want until you have the right amount of coasters for you.







I hope this post was helpful, until next time – folks.




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