‘Be the manliest man you can be’ Apothecary87

Alright folks,

I am not a guy that follows fashion trends or spends a lot of time and money on grooming and grooming products. I stick to what I know and what works for me, BUT, it has literally been a quest to find a hair styling product that I really like. After years of searching I stumbled across THE ONE!

Drumroll please…….

Apothecary87 Clay Pomade
‘Lock, Stocke & Barrel’






This is Apothecary87’s Lock, Stocke and Barrel Clay Pomade. It is perfect for what I require in a hair styling product. I stumbled across this brand during my visit to my Barber. After cutting my hair he likes to style it too, no-one leaves him unless they are looking slick! This particular time though he had this styling product and I have been hooked since. Nothing compares.

It is re-workable allowing us folks to change it up throughout the course of the day. Working on a boat yard, wind is my enemy! This Clay Pomade allows me to re-work my style after the heavy gusts have had their way with my hair.

The matte finish leaves your hair looking natural and with very minimal sheen to it. This is a key reason into me choosing this product. I like my hair to look either side swept or a bit ‘rough and ready’ but either way, I like it to look natural and without the physical appearance of a product. Products that leave a sheen really ruin it for me.

These factors fall utterly short of this deciding factor. As you have may have already guessed from the pomade’s name Lock, Stocke & Barrel, the scent in Gunpowder!! I mean come on, what scent is more masculine than Gunpowder? Now, this my may deter you from this product but you can’t knock it until you try it. The Gunpowder scent is guaranteed to be a natural bear repellent and dramatically increase your wood chopping capabilities.

If your as sold on this product as I am, purchasing it isn’t very easy. The Locke, Stocke & Barrel scent is not available on their website. This particular scent is only available at Salons and Barbers, as far as I know. My Barber told me that Apothecary87 are making this exclusive to Barbers and Salons to persuade people to visit these places to get their haircut and to support local Barbers etc.

I purchased two from my barber for £15 each. Money well spent! I highly recommend this product and urge you to give it a try.

Until next time – folks.




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