Alright folks,

It has become a growing trend to display a small Cactus on work desks, windowsills and other areas of the home. All Cacti come in either a small pot or some garden stores are cashing in on this trend and selling them in more decorative and appealing pots or planters, obviously as a higher cost.

I am yet to find any planters or pots that suit my style, so homemade is the only way to go. This project is VERY simple and for those who have the equipment, you will have this project done within the hour!

Tools and Equipment Required



Firstly, you need to decide what you would like your planter to be made from. These sleepers I found at B&Q were exactly what I intended to use for mine.

Hand Saw. This will only be required to cut down the wood to the size of your planter. If you are lucky enough to have an off cut which is the correct size already then you’re already one step ahead.

Battery Drill. This will be required to drill the holes for the Cactus pots. A drill which is connected to the mains power is preferable as this will provide more power which will make the job far easier and quicker.  I had the problem of my batteries constantly running out and having to take breaks to allow them to charge up again.

Spade Bit. This is the cutter that I used to drill out the holes for my pots. I had to buy an adjustable one though because I don’t think that spade bits come in the size I required.

Tape Measure. This will be required to measure where would like your holes to be drilled. Although this is a rustic project, I still wanted the pots to be evenly spaced apart. So if this doesn’t bother you and you are quite happy to freestyle it then that is up to you. (Sorry, I forgot to include it in the photo of equipment!).

Pencil. For obvious reasons. Any marking out will require a pencil.

Build Process


If you need to cut your wood/ material down the the required size then that is your first task. If you don’t need to, then I envy you. When cutting wood. you will occasionally find that the inside is still wet which is a nightmare when cutting by hand, so a sharp saw, nice long even strokes and patience is required!



Once everything is cut to the required size, the next thing task is to measure and mark where you would like the holes to be drilled. Like I previously mentioned, I wanted mine the be evenly spaced apart but if this doesn’t bother you then you are ready to drill away.




As I used an adjustable spade cutter, I set it 55mm. The reason being is because I am leaving my Cacti in their pots, which is what I advise you do too, and rim of the pot is 55mm. So hopefully when the rim of the pot is flush with the surface of the wood, it is going to look perfect!

Now all there is to do is to get drilling. It took me a while as I used a battery drill and the batteries kept on running out of charge. When drilling, keep offering the pot into the hole so that you can ensure you don’t drill down to far. Ideally you should aim to get the rim of the pot flush with the surface of the wood, well this is my preference anyway.



I absolutely love this project. I am really into rustic furniture and interior furnishes, this will look fantastic by the window or on the coffee table. You don’t need any woodworking experience to do this project and that is the beauty of it. Hopefully this will inspire you to pursue bigger projects, there is no greater feeling than saying to guests ‘I made that’.

Cost Breakdown

Timber: £9 for a One Meter length from B&Q.

Cacti: £1.99 each from Stewarts Garden Centre.


Until next time – folks.




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