‘One Watch. One tree. One Planet.’ 

Alright folks,

Welcome back and I hope you folks are all good. Today I would like to show off my wooden watch from WeWood, isn’t it great??! I don’t have a vast collection of accessories and I don’t even own a single necklace, but this is an accessory that is has my name written all over it. I have actually had this watch for over two and a half years and still wear it daily.

As you know I am a lover of woodworking and anything made from wood, so when my girlfriend bought me this for my 22nd Birthday, I was obsessed with it from day one! The watch is exceptional but the company needs some much needed recognition. WeWood have been saving trees for 135 years and are the oldest non-profit organisation for conservation. WeWood opened up a branch in Los Angeles, although the first timepiece being design in Florence Italy, and teamed up with tree planting-partner American Forests and Trees for the Future.  They source all of their wood from all over the States and use every inch possible to make their products, even the packaging is made from 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. By using wood that would just get thrown away, burned etc, this makes the watch ECO friendly and fashionable.






For every WeWood Watch purchased, one tree is planted. In just the first three months, WeWood planted over 5,000 trees with their partners and they set yearly goals. Their expected planting figures are based on expected sales over the coming years, so if they fall short of sales then they try to find other ways of ensuring they meet their target. Their goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2020! How incredible would that be?!

My watch I think cost about £90, but they do not make them in this colour anymore. Although this watch is at the cheaper end of the scale, I think it is my favourite. Their is not too much going on, its simple and this doesn’t take your eye away from the craftsmanship that has gone into making this fantastic timepiece. Most people just see a watch, I see a piece of art. Some watches are full of all different clogs, timers and other features which I feel can ruin it.

All in all this is an excellent watch and I highly recommend you purchasing one, or two. Do your bit to help mother nature. This style of watch is completely my style and suits me more than your typical watch, its also racked up a number of compliments and been great for conversations!


One timepiece plants one tree’

Until next time – folks.




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