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Alright folks,

ITS AUTUMN! Well kind of… There are two official stats to Autumn, whether you follow the Meteorological calendar or the Astronomical calendar. The Meteorological term begins on the 1st of September and end on the 30th of November whereas the Astronomical term in 2017 starts on the 22nd of September. The Astronomical calendar is based more on the weather and when it is noticeably different. Thats it all in brief!

So folks, this post is my bucket list for this Autumn. I love Autumn and it is definitely my favourite season of them all. I love the change in the weather with the colder mornings and evenings, the changing of the leaves and just the whole vibe it gives off. Bring on the hot chocs!  Moving on swiftly though, these are the things that I would love to do this Autumn and things that I’m looking forward to.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch


I have never picked my own Pumpkins from a farm and its something that I say I will do every year. I have always been a last minute person and got mine from whatever store had any left on Halloween. Its something that really signifies that Autumn has arrived and there is a small timescale in which you can pick them, partly because other keen pickers get their hands on the big pumpkins.

I plan on using my pumpkins to decorate the house exterior and interior, carve a couple on halloween and this year I want to keep the seeds and flavour them for a healthy snack. I intended on doing this last year but when I left them on the side to dry out, I forgot I had them… So by that time they went all nasty and smelt awful! Won’t be making that mistake again!

Pumpkin picking will be a nice day out and my local farm has a small cafe their so after we’ve picked our share we can then sit at the cafe, sip on a hot choc and embrace the Autumnal weather and vibe. It’ll also be a perfect opportunity to snap some great shots for the blog!

Picture taken from http://www.foxinthepin.com

Bonfire Night




I look forward to bonfire night every year and its such a shame it only last for one evening. Fire, sparklers, toasted marshmallows, hot chocs and lots of food whilst being wrapped up in your warmest clothing! What could be more perfect.

This year I would love to get the BBQ going and sit around the fire with a nice burger… or three! Generally we all have some nibbles and drinks on a fold out table but I want to step up the game this year. The idea of getting straw bales for seating was tempting, but maybe not considering the big fire! I also want to find out how to capture those shots where you write or draw something in the air with the sparkler and then the camera captures the whole word or picture, if you know what I’m talking about???

Pictures taken from (In order) http://www.ashappyasking.tumblr.com, http://www.wayourdoor.net, http://www.getviral94.blogspot.com, 

Plaid Shirt Shopping


When people think about me, I would like to think that checkered/ plaid flannel shirts comes to mind. I have an extensive collection which is ever growing. I’m not into fashion and I don’t follow trends but I definitely have my own style. Black jeans and a plaid shirt. I may sway towards chinos and a nice plain shirt if I feel like scrubbing up!

The best time of year to purchase plaid shirts is Autumn/ Winter because the colours are on point and mainly because most places stop stocking them during the warmer months. Being an extremely clumsy person, flannel shirts are the best! They are near impossible to stain, they are warm and they still look good or even better the more worn they become.

From personal experience, the best place to purchase shirts from is Hollister. I don’t go for brands, if I like the shirt then I will buy it from wherever but Hollister are brilliant at designing shirts. They know exactly what I like! Also, a little advice of where to avoid…… Primark. Now this has nothing to do with the brand, I do currently have 4 shirts from Primark but the issue I have found is that they don’t last very long and mainly because the cuffs are always very tight. If you like wearing watches or bracelets, they will not fit underneath the cuffs at all and you’ll have to pull the sleeve up slightly! You get what you pay for I guess.

Picture taken from Jordan Castellon’s Pinterest.

Decorating the Homestead





There’s no better way to get into the spirit of an event, season or occasion than to decorate your house. I truly believe by decorating your homestead through the changes of the seasons really has an impact on your mood and personality. During Spring and Summer you want your home to feel lighter, fresh, airy and perhaps more open plan and clean from clutter. Then as Autumn and Winter arrive, you want to feel warm, cosy, relaxed and I love rustic furniture and furnishes.

Pumpkins, candles and blankets are essential. My local garden store always go to town with changing their displays to suit the seasons and their Autumn display is incredible. I love their decorative pumpkins that come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and species. This year I have already noticed that they are now doing a little punnet of pumpkins no are even smaller than tomatoes! These will look great in a glass or bowl. Scent is essential. My girlfriend is the best at buying the greatest scented candles! Not only do they smell great and embrace Autumn, but they can also relax your body which is great if I haven’t had the best day at work.

I could go on and on but I’m looking forward to having a clearcut in the coming weeks and splurging on decorating our space!!

Pictures taken from (In order) http://www.countryliving.com, http://www.sofaworks.co.uk, http://www.bystephanielynn.com and http://www.2uidea.com.

Bake a Seasonal Treat


Right, I have literally no cooking or baking experience at all! I am extremely lazy when it comes to all of that stuff and I have never been interested in learning until recently. It would be nice be able to be handy in the kitchen, sooner or later I’m going to have learn sooner or later! The last time I ever baked something from complete scratch I think was about 10 years ago at school. There’s got to be some comprehensive cooking and baking book out there to help out a motive like myself.

My girlfriends Mum bakes every Thursday and I love it! I am such a snacker and will graze on biscuits, chocolates and crisps all day if I could. I always add some of her home baked treats in to my lunchbox for work….. that literally makes me sound like a school kid :-/ So maybe I can bake something worthy of adding to my lunch?!

Picture taken from http://www.nordichouse.co.uk

Autumn Picnic


I love food. I love anything plaid. I love hot chocs. I love spending time with my girlfriend Samantha. So the best way of mixing this all together is definitely through a picnic. I don’t go on picnics that often but I love them. The problem with picnics in the summer and warmer weather is that everyone has the same idea and everywhere in my part of the world gets packed and full of tourists, but. have never tried doing for one when the chill kicks in.

Think about it, wrap up all nice and warm, get the most Autumnal blanket you can (perhaps with a waterproof underside), fill up some flasks with hot chocs and tea, fill the basket up with snacks and find a sheltered spot in the forest to enjoy each others company. Perfect.

Picture take from http://www.budgetdecorating.about.com


Go Foraging for Blackberries


This is something I haven’t done for YEARS! I must have been a teenager or maybe even younger and I used to love doing this. I can never remember what I did with the blackberries I picked but I just like doing it. So this time round I am going to incorporate this with my aim to get baking. I don’t know what I can bake but there’s got to be thousands of recipes out there!

Another thing I would love to make with this is to make jam. Samantha’s Nan is an expert an making jam and I must get her to teach me how to do this. Me and Samantha picked loads of strawberries last year and got her Nan to make some jam and it was THE BEST jam I have ever had. The taste and consistency was spot on (I sound like I should be on The Great British Bake Off with Paul Hollywood). Home made jam is better because you can make it so you have the actual fruit in the jam too, y mouth is watering thinking about it.

Picture from http://www.blog.invisionapp.com

Play Conkers


Here is another blast from the past. Now everyone knows about the classic game of conkers, unless you were but within the past 10-15 years. Unfortunately, kids nowadays may never get to experience this classic childhood game due to smart phones and schools banning them from the playgrounds. I may be 24 but I actually want to play conkers this year to reminisce the days when I was at Junior School.

I remember that everyone used to have their own remedies which apparently made the conkers even tougher and harder to break. I don’t think anything actually worked but legend has it that soaking the conker in vinegar for 24 hours would make it invincible. Never worked for me though. I loved it the. we all Brough ours into school and you’re checking out who found the biggest conker so you could challenge them to a match.

For every match you won your conker would become a one-er or a two-er or a three-er and so on. Then when the time came and your conker got kicked off of its string, every kid in that circle would shout STAMPEDE and crush your beloved conker. Oh the good old days.

Picture taken from http://www.noperfectdayforbananafish.tumblr.com


I hope you enjoyed this post and I could go on and on and on, but I must stop here now! These are some of the things that I am looking forward to doing this Autumn, what about you? Until next time – folks.




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