Alright folks,

Here we are again with another instalment of my iTunes library. Today I’m not covering an album, but an artist. So let me introduce….

Ryan McMullan


Picture taken from http://www.ryanmcmullanmusic.com

Ryan McMullan is an Irish Singer-Songwriter from Portaferry in Northern Ireland. I first saw Ryan Mcmullan when I went to see Ed Sheeran at the O2 in May earlier this year. He was the opening act which was very annoying because I missed the start of his performance due to the mass of people trying to get into the Arena.

I absolutely love him and I really hope he gets the recognition that he deserves. He has a raw voice and his songs really do tell a story. A true singer-songwriter. He only has a couple of EP’s out and a single, so its still early days for him. Although I love what he has recorded, I think he sounds far better live when it is all acoustic with a dead quiet audience.

On his Youtube channel, you must check out his ‘Oh Susannah (Live)’ video. It is filmed in a big empty hall with no backing music, just him, his guitar and his voice. The range of his vocals is incredible and I way prefer that version that the recorded single. He needs to produce an all acoustic album like that. You should also be able to find him on Spotify and iTunes, I bought everything that he had available!

I really do hope you check him out, such a great artist with an exciting future ahead. Until next time – folks.




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