Alright folks,

Let me introduce you to the best Custom Penny Skateboard that this world has ever seen. Big statement I know, but its probably true. Before taking the plunge and customising my own Penny Skateboard, I bought a dupe from eBay for £30 so I could a get a feel for such a small board. I started out on a 40″ longboard, so a 22″ skateboard that had barely enough space for one foot was a going to be a bit of a learning curve!

I purchased this board on the 15th of August 2013, 100% customised! My set up was as follows:

Deck: Glow in the Dark.

Trucks: Limited Edition Tropical Palm Tree Graphic.

Wheels: Translucent Green.

Bearings: Standard Penny Abec 7’s.

Bolts: Green.

Grip tape: None.

It cost me £110 for a customised board from the Penny Skateboard website, but that was four years ago so prices may differ now. The reason I didn’t go for a standard set up was because I wanted mine to be individual and unique to me. The trucks especially fitted that description as you could only get them on the customiser.

Here I have some before and after pictures for you folks, just over 4 years apart:







How time flys eh? This board has had some serious use, and gets used every weekday for commuting to work, no matter what the weather, I love it! This is the first time I have had pictures to compare the difference before and after. I forgot how mint it used to be but I still love how it looks now. I really like it when something has had a lot of use and has some history behind it. My girlfriend on the other hand says that I have ruined it, she doesn’t understand hahaa!

As you may have noticed, apart from the obvious signs of wear and tear and the odd bit of mud, I have made a few changes:

1. Grip tape – I added some grip tape because I found out the hard way that the deck becomes very slippery if skating in wet conditions! I chose the transparent grip tape so it didn’t stand out too much. I have completely wore off the tape on the tail and other areas are wearing thin too. It does need replacing but it just looks awesome and adds so much character to it!

2. Bearings – Although you may not be able to tell because off the excess muk, the bearings are not the original. They aren’t even the Penny Abec 7’s, I got them off of a spare skateboard I had lying around. Well actually, they were from a skateboard my brother had that randomly snapped whilst he was skating to work! As I use the board in all weather, the rain had completely wrecked them! I couldn’t even give them away. I tried to clean them up and grease them but they were beyond repair. I will say though, they don’t compare to the original bearings!

3. Stickers – I added a couple of stickers although only one remains. Nothing major but I like customising possessions with stickers!

4. Trucks – The most obvious change! I had to do this because my previous trucks were properly wrecked! Even more so than the bearings. I genuinely think that I may be the only person in the world to have worn out trucks to this extent. Words can’t even describe the damage:




All I can say is that there was a rattling noise for about 6 months and one day the rear truck gave way and I fell off! I didn’t want blue trucks but I bought them for a project about 2-3 years ago, which never happened, and these were still boxed up and ready to go!

So all in all, if any you are thinking about purchasing your own Penny Skateboard, do it! You will not regret it. They run so smooth, they are a great little commuter, they take up no space, mine tucks away in my work locker nicely and they are worth every penny… (nice little pun there)! My advice would be to try out a dupe version first to get s feel for the size, buy grip tape for it and make sure you customise your own one! Be creative, be bold and stand out!

Until next time – folks.




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