Alright folks,

It’s been a very long time since my last post!! I have been seriously slacking and have found it very difficult to keep on top of my blog. Anyway, time to try and get back into it….

So, it’s been four years since I bought my Penny Skateboard and it is time a gave it some TLC. Living in the forest and being a lover of the Autumn season, i had all the inspiration I needed right on my doorstep. After playing around with colours on the Penny Skateboard 3D Customiser on their website, this is the result!









I love it! I have changed absolutely everything, except the deck. Grip tape, graphic, bolts, wheels, trucks and bearings. Like my workmates you may all be thinking ‘Why didn’t you just buy a new board?’. I wanted to keep something from the previous look and the only thing that managed to withstand the abuse I put it through was the deck, it was also the only part that would not affect the performance of the board.

It’s so nice to ride now and I completely forgot what it felt like to ride a new board, but it came at a cost. For those who would like to see what it looked like before the makeover, check out my previous post ‘My Penny Board’.

Until next time – folks.






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